Diaper Making Material,Sanitary Napkin Pad Manufacturing Raw Materials Manufacturers & Suppliers In Thailand

Delivery time: 15-20 days after receiving deposit or LC.
Payment terms: TT/LC/DP
Application: Baby diaper, Adult diaper
Minimum order quanity: 4 rolls
Packing details: Carton packing

JUHUA export diaper making materials velcro side tape to Thailand customer. Width is 62mm and length is 300meter per roll.

Velcro side tape is used for baby diaper and adult diaper.

Velcro side tape is used for premium diapers, it is also know as the “hook tape”. There are few choices: PP mechanical hook tape, non-woven mechanical hook tape and elastic mechanical hook tape for your different choosing. 2-layer pressure-sensitive mechanical tape with a pre-combined hook system ensuring a good fastening and repositioning on knitted landing zones.

We offer you disposable hygiene product
raw materials with premium quality.
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