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Our safe and stable products are widely applied in the field of disposable hygiene products and are used to make products that are not limited to the following:
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JUHUA, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, engaged in raw materials of hygiene products for decades.With more than 10 years of experience, we have served clients from different hygiene product manufacturing fields who manufacture baby care products, feminine care products, adult incontinence care products.
JUHUA can provide non woven fabrics, PE film back sheets, lamination back sheets, frontal tape and side tape, SAP, tissue,hot melt glue, easy tape and other raw materials for the disposable hygiene product manufacturing industry.
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Quality Control Highlights
Tensile Test
Tensile Test
The tension tester is used to test the tensile strength of the products, to control the tension is ≥2N in the lateral direction and ≥5N in the longitudinal direction.
Printing Detection
Printing Detection
The printing online defect detector detects the product printing process of each roller, and the detection accuracy of the ink dot defect is ≥0.1㎡.
Gram Weight Detection
Gram Weight Detection
The weight of the Backsheet of each roller will be measured by a precision electronic balance, and the weight error will be controlled at ±1.5g.
Breathability Test
Breathability Test
The breathability of the each Backsheet in the production will be tested by a constant temperature and humidity chamber, and the airflow control error is ±500.
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