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How To Choose Healthy Diapers?

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-06-17

In life, how can we avoid screening and choosing healthy diapers?

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Step 1 : choose a regular business. In fact, as long as it is a regular large-scale manufacturer or brand, it will not use unsanitary and unqualified raw materials for the production and processing of diapers. Generally, IP, GP, Wood pulp such as Weyerhaeuser.

Step 2 : touch whether it is fluffy and comfortable. After buying it home, we can unpack it to see if the internal structure is safe. We put the diaper on our hands and touch it carefully. A good diaper should be uniform in thickness, clean on the surface, normal in color, and feel fluffy, light and soft when pinched by hand. If it is black heart cotton, it will feel hard and uneven.

Step 3: Tear it open to see the inside It just said that you can tell whether it is black-hearted cotton by the feel. If you are worried, you can tear the cotton sliver to see the material inside. Good diapers are made of fluff pulp with strong adsorption and good fluff. The black heart diapers are made of rubbish, scraps, etc., although they have been drifted, they can still be distinguished.

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Step 4: Smell carefully. When tearing open the diaper to check whether it is high-quality cotton pulp, you can also smell the smell of other chemicals by the way.

Step 5: Test whether the permeability is good or not. It is recommended to use a cup of warm water to test the absorption of diapers according to TV advertisements, or use a syringe to inject water into the surface of diapers to visually observe and compare the absorption and infiltration speed of diapers.

Step 6: Choose regular channels to buy and go to large supermarkets or mother and baby chain stores to buy.

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