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Does The Baby Easily Turn Red Buttocks When Wearing Diapers In Summer?

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-06-17

Every summer, a large number of mothers rush to quit diapers for their children, thinking that in summer, babies wearing diapers are prone to red buttocks and prickly heat... There will also be an accompanying sentence: Don't you wash a few pairs of pants?

As a person who has come here, I advise all mothers: It is not a matter of washing a few pairs of pants. In summer, you drink a lot of water and milk, and you will urinate more frequently. It is not realistic to watch your baby wash her own pants every day. What's more, it's not up to the parents to decide where the child urinates. The sofa, the cushion, the floor, the bed.... Moms who don't want to clean up the "message" all day long should not try it lightly!

So, if you put diapers on your child, will it really cover up prickly heat and red buttocks?

 prevent red buttocks

Misunderstandings about wearing diapers in summer

Misunderstanding 1: Diapers are too hot and too covered

Feeling that diapers are too hot and too hot basically comes from the practice of "wearing aunt's towels in summer". But in fact, diapers and aunt towel are very different~~

There is a layer of airtight PE film at the bottom of the aunt towel to prevent leakage, but there is no diaper. Diapers with good air permeability can quickly conduct heat and moisture out of the baby's urine. Therefore, sometimes the baby urinates too much, and the outside of the diaper will feel damp.

SO, don't think it's too hot to wear diapers, choose a good diaper, its breathability is really beyond your imagination~

Myth 2: Wearing diapers will make your butt red

Wearing diapers will make your butt red? There is no direct relationship between red butt and diapers, because there are magical water-absorbing materials, diapers can not only absorb urine, but also absorb sweat, even in hot summer, when the diapers are taken off, the buttocks are very dry.

Wearing a diaper with a red butt is because the diaper is not replaced in time, and the baby's red butt is caused by moisture and irritation. As long as you do two points, the child will not have a red butt.

First, keep the butt dry, that is, change it frequently; second, keep the butt regularly ventilated and in close contact with the air.

Misunderstanding 3: It is more comfortable to give a child a bare butt in summer

baby diaper

Not wearing diapers for children seems to be breathable, but in fact, the invisible "harm" is even greater:

1. Babies are more vulnerable to bacteria

Bare ass, dust and bacteria exposed to the air can easily come into contact with the baby's ass, especially in summer, children spend more time outdoors, and in public places, for babies with poor resistance and delicate skin, potential viruses And bacteria are actually more afraid. Especially in summer, it is a high incidence period of rotavirus diarrhea for babies. Children with diarrhea have played on the slides, and their babies are very easy to be infected if they do not wear diapers.

2. Bare-ass children are more likely to be injured

Babies who are less than 11 months old can already crawl independently. The freedom of children is almost unlimited. Parents are not careful. The delicate little butt is easily touched by some hard things such as toys and the edge of the bed, which can easily hurt the child. .

Great way to let your ass breathe

If you don't want your baby's butt to be surrounded by urine all day, you can try to keep your baby's butt in close contact with the air at certain times of the day, such as when the weather is the hottest or the temperature is the highest. As a result, the time of wearing diapers can be reduced, and the air can be released from time to time to prevent the butt from wrapping for too long and causing red buttocks.

In the final analysis, what parents need to do is to ensure the safety and health of the baby's little buttocks. Under this premise, they can appropriately reduce the wearing of diapers, rather than blindly resisting diapers and causing the baby to suffer more harm invisibly!

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