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Pay Attention To These Five Points When Buying Adult Diapers

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-05-07

Adult diapers are disposable diapers suitable for adults. Most of the users are incontinent and incontinent people. In recent years, with the increasing social attention and awareness of the product, it has attracted the attention of consumers. Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a reminder on the consumption of adult diapers.

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When buying adult diapers, pay attention to these five points:
1. Choose products from well-known manufacturers with good reputation and buy them from regular channels.
2. Adult diapers are divided into mild incontinence diapers, moderate incontinence diapers and severe incontinence diapers according to the degree of incontinence of the user. Consumers can choose different products according to their needs.
3. When purchasing, choose the appropriate size according to the user's weight and hip circumference. You can refer to the number marked on the outside of the package for selection.
4. Pay attention to the water absorption, lightness and air permeability of the product, and choose products with a soft surface and leak-proof design.

5. Check the expiration date of diapers when purchasing. It is not advisable to buy too much at one time or store them for too long. Even if they are not opened, there is a risk of deterioration and contamination.

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Use common sense to keep these in mind:
1. Diapers should be replaced in time, and the skin should be washed when changing to keep the skin clean, which is beneficial to skin health.
2. Unpacked diapers should be placed in a dry and clean environment, and should not be used after the product is damp.

3. Adult diapers have unique water absorption properties and cannot be replaced by sanitary napkins.

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