tissue paper

tissue paper

tissue paper is mainly used for people's daily hygiene and is one of the indispensable paper types for the people. In order to make the tissue papersoft, the paper is usually wrinkled by mechanical methods to increase the softness of the carrier tissue. There are many raw materials for making carrier tissue, and the commonly used raw materials are cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and other natural and pollutionfree raw materials. tissue paper requires no toxic chemicals, no raw materials that are irritating to the skin, and no residues of mold and viral bacteria. The characteristics of c arrier tissueare strong water absorption, no pathogenic bacteria, soft paper, uniform thickness, no holes, uniform wrinkling, uniform color and luster, and no impurities. When producing small rolls of doublelayer carrier tissue, the perforation pitch should be the same, the pinholes should be clear, easy to tear, and neat.

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