Effect Of Fiber Physical Properties On The Performance Of Viscose & Pet Spunlace Non Woven Fabric For Wet Wipes

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Nonwoven fabric production technology is an emerging technology in the textile industry. It has maintained a high-speed development trend because of its outstanding advantages such as short process flow, high output, superior product performance, variety of varieties and wide application range. Among various nonwoven processing technologies, spunlace is one of the fastest growing and promising production technologies. This article briefly introduces the effect of fiber physical properties on the performance of VISCOSE & PET Spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes.

VISCOSE & PET Spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes

1. Breaking strength

Under the premise of fixed production process conditions, the strength of spunlace nonwovens is mainly determined by the breaking strength of fibers. The higher the breaking strength of fibers, the higher the strength of spunlace nonwovens. The dry strength of most fibers is greater than the wet strength, and the wet strength of viscose fibers is very small, but the wet strength of cotton and hemp fibers is greater than the dry strength, which requires spunlaced nonwovens manufacturers to consider fiber strength during storage and transportation of fibers. changes in wet strength.

2. Initial modulus

The initial modulus of the fiber of VISCOSE & PET Spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes refers to the slope of the initial section of the fiber load-elongation curve, which represents the difficulty of the fiber deformation under small loads and reflects the rigidity of the fiber. A large initial modulus means that the fiber is not easily deformed under a small load; while a small initial modulus means that the fiber is easily deformed under a small load, has a low bending stiffness, and is prone to entanglement under the action of spunlace.

spunlace non woven

3. Bending stiffness

The bending stiffness of the fiber directly affects the spunlace efficiency. The greater the bending stiffness, the lower the hydroentanglement efficiency. According to the calculation of material mechanics, the bending deflection of fiber is directly proportional to the spunlace force. The greater the bending deflection, the greater the spunlace force. Therefore, reducing the flexural stiffness and flexural modulus of fibers can effectively improve the spunlace efficiency of VISCOSE & PET Spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes, speed up production and save energy.

4. Moisture regain

Moisture regain is a physical parameter that reflects the moisture absorption performance of fibers, and has a great influence on the production process, equipment and product quality of spunlace nonwovens. In the process of fiber carding, if the humidity of the fiber is too high, the fiber will not be easy to loosen, which will easily cause scratches, damage the card clothing, and corrode the equipment; if the fiber is too dry, it will easily cause flying and static electricity, which is not conducive to fiber web formation and Control of weaving surface density. Therefore, the moisture regain of the fiber must meet the process requirements of the spunlace production line equipment

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