What Are The Sanitary Pad Making Materials?

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Absorbent health care products mainly include women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers and adult incontinence products. These products are all made of non-woven fabrics and microporous membranes and absorbent material composite technology, of which the fastest growing is women's sanitary napkins. Since its birth in the early 1980s, sanitary napkins have gradually been accepted and loved by Chinese women because they bring convenience, comfort and cleanliness to women of the right age, thus gradually replacing traditional menstrual products such as cloth pads and towels. This article briefly introduces sanitary pad making materials.

sanitary pad making materials

1. SAP polymer

Super absorbent polymer material (referred to as SAP) is also known as super absorbent resin, super absorbent, super absorbent polymer. It is a new type of functional polymer material with excellent water absorption capacity and water retention capacity. Therefore, it is widely used in personal hygiene products such as aunt towels.

2. Fluff pulp

When it comes to fluff pulp, everyone will think of "black heart cotton". Let me tell you, don't worry, just choose regular large-scale merchants or brands (Sophie, Seven-degree space, Hushubao, Kotex, Beishute, Jieting etc.), they will not use unhygienic and substandard "black heart cotton" for the processing and manufacturing of sanitary napkins.

raw material of sanitary pad

3. Base film

a. According to whether it is breathable or not, it can be divided into: ordinary bottom film and breathable bottom film;

b. According to the material classification, it can be divided into PE base film and SMS composite base film;

4. Small envelope

The small envelope of a single piece of sanitary napkin is divided into PE envelope, aluminum foil envelope, PE coated spunbonded non-woven fabric envelope, PE composite hot-air non-woven fabric envelope, etc. according to the material.

5. Packaging

About the packaging type:

a. Aluminum foil packaging: easy-to-pull seal, 360° aseptic packaging, more hygienic.

b. Carton packaging: healthy and environmentally friendly, beautiful and elegant, highlighting high-end atmosphere.

c. Clip chain packaging: easy to operate, firm seal, beautiful quality.

d. Plastic bag packaging: fast production speed, strong tensile properties, good hand feeling, transparent appearance, convenient use, high efficiency, and low price.

The above are the main sanitary pad making materials. By understanding sanitary pad making materials, users can better choose and use sanitary napkins.

sanitary napkin raw material

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