Magic Frontal Tape Materials In Diapers Video

Author:Adult& Baby Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2023-05-26

Magic frontal tape also called LOOP and knitted frontal tape, has same function as pp frontal tape, to attached to the front of the diapers with adhesive, but this is a new generation of nonwoven materials, will help to avoid the tearing noisy. Product Detail & Custom Options: Composition: Polypropylene Weight: 40-42gsm Width :From 150mm Length 1000m/roll Printing: Up to 8 colors Inner core diameter: 76mm

Diapers making raw materials: Non woven topsheet, ADL non woven fabric, fluff pulp, SAP, diaper backsheets, frontal tape, side tape, hot melt adhesive


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