waterproof fabric for nappies

waterproof fabric for nappies

1. Water-repellent finishing process In the water-repellent finishing process of waterproof fabric for nappies, it is necessary to consider the fiber characteristics, the properties of the finishing liquid, and the baking temperature, time and other process parameters. The post-finishing of non-woven substrates with silicone and organic fluoropolymer emulsions is to cover the emulsion on the surface of the fibers. When the fibers and emulsion particles are oppositely charged, the two are easy to contact and adsorb, otherwise, contact and adsorption are difficult. And the uniformity is not good, it is difficult to achieve the desired finishing effect. Second, the pH value in the solution affects the electrical potential of the fiber surface and the stability of the emulsion itself. When finishing with silicone, the emulsion is controlled at weak acidity, which improves the stability of the emulsion.

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